Life Insurance

Get an excellent term or whole life policy today

Benefits of a term life insurance policy from Scott

Initial Lower Cost

Premiums can be lower during the early years of coverage.

If your need for Life Insurance isn’t Permananent

Term life insurance lasts for a limited, pre-determined number of years. It provides for specific, short-term needs.

It Can Be Convertible

You may have the option to switch to permanent life insurance coverage without having to show evidence of good health.

Benefits of a term life insurance policy from Scott

Level Premiums

Premium payments can remain the same; in later years, premiums can be lower than term life insurance

To Provide an Accessible Source of Funds

Permanent life insurance accumulates cash value that can be used for emergencies, college education, or to supplement retirement income.

Tax Advantages*

Properly funded and structured, a permanent life insurance policy can provide a tax-free income stream and tax-deferred wealth accumulation.

*Scott does not give legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you need such advice, consult your attorney, accountant, or personal tax advisor.